Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Train hacking, safety and cyber security and IOT security discussed at 2nd Annual Rail Cyber Summit

Advanced connectivity and the digitisation of future rail systems will provide greater levels of efficiency and optimisation, reduce carbon footprints and deliver greater value to asset owners, shareholders and passengers. However the integration and implementation of ERTMS, ETCS and CBTC systems, the connected interdependence of the next generation rail eco system introduces new vulnerabilities to infrastructure historically isolated from cyber attacks. The proliferation of machine to machine sensors, the Internet of Things and the convergence of IT and Operation Technologies – two very different disciplines, has extended the attack surface dramatically. From insider threats to malware to the manipulation of electromagnetic interferences, the industry has a new challenge to ensure the safety and reliability of the UK and European rail transport sector.  "Transport in Europe provides for the movement needs of over 700 million people and associated freight." Join the Cyber Senate on March 14th and 15th in London for an in-depth discussion on the current and future threat, how the industry is responding , the absolute importance of “Security by Design,” the challenges that bridging IT and OT bring in deploying enterprise facing architecture and how to further develop a culture of awareness. www.railcybersecurity.com 
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